About Us

Dianne grew up developing many artistic interests including Chinese calligraphy, painting, drawing, web and graphic design, and party decor. A natural entrepreneur, she turned these passions - and over a decade of printing and graphic design experience - into an online business.

Finding inspiration in Etsy's American marketplace, Dianne noticed a lack of red envelopes that are ubiquitous in Asia. Then came her "Aha!" moment: she decided to sell a variety of unique red envelopes along with Chinese zodiac plush toys, which became an instant hit during the Chinese New Year season in 2017. As customer demand grew, she began adding new products like Cheongsam dresses, favor boxes, and printable invitation layouts that meet customers' event-based needs.

Zakka Shoppe has sold nearly 2,000 products since 2017. It would have not been possible without the support of Chinese communities and loyal customers around the world (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and France, to name a few). With a high level of professionalism and detail, Zakka Shoppe curates exclusive products that you won’t find elsewhere.